Sheikh Al-Husari Association

The association was founded in 1996 AD by a group seeking for good, and it is a central association known as No. 318 and of public benefit, and with the cooperation of all of us, the association became a pioneer in the field of civil work. The name was chosen by the lovers of His Eminence Sheikh Al-Husari because his virtue was the first to lay the building blocks of charitable work in his era by establishing a mosque Al-Sheikh Al-Husari and Al-Husari Al-Azhari Institute in Shubra Al-Namla in Tanta, and Al-Husari Mosque in Agouza, in addition to his will to donate a third of his estate to charitable causes. And deserving cases, treatment of patients and assistance in surgical operations, and the organization of relief convoys to remote areas, and the Azhari Institute of Languages, working to build a distinguished personality in the religious, scientific and linguistic aspects of this. The Foundation for the Lovers of Sheikh Al-Husari to serve the people of the Qur’an, along with many other activities, we are pleased to present it in your hands.