Sheikh Al-Hosary Azhari Language Institute

In order to raise the value of science and produce a generation that adheres to its religion and keeps pace with the developments of its time, and studies other languages such as English, French and German to be able to deal with the other, the Sheikh Al-Husari Al-Azhari Language Institute (Nursery-Primary-Preparatory-Secondary Boys-Girls) was established in 6th of October City to be An extension of the Al-Azhar Institute, which was built by Sheikh Al-Husari in Shubra Al-Namla, his hometown.
  • Paying attention to the Arabic language and memorizing the Noble Qur’an with recitation
  • Teaching scientific subjects in English
  • Paying attention to educational and educational activities through halls and laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and means to develop spiritual, mental, physical, artistic and sports skills and abilities.

Address: 6th of October City - First District

Phone number: 01112372271