Dar Al-Sheikh Al-Hosary for the Holy Quran Service

Based on the idea of the Qur’an is life, Dar Al-Hosary has been opened to serve the Holy Qur’an since the establishment of the association. The house teaches the provisions of correct reading through training courses in all branches of the association. In the Islamic world, there is also a special course for children through a simple Qur’an and intonation curriculum, in addition to an educational approach in Islamic etiquette and moral behavior.

Main branch contact numbers :

Association branches:-

Agouza: 7 Sheikh Al-Husri Street - Agouza - Giza
6th of October: El Hosary Square - 6th of October
Al Motamayez Neighborhood: 54 Ibrahim Abdel Fattah Street - Al Motamayez Neighborhood - 6th of October
Al-Firdous City: Plot No. 5, Group M, First Neighborhood, 6th of October
Sheikh Zayed: Third District - Block 2 - Building 62 - Floor 2 - Apartment 4 - in front of the old Central - Sheikh Zayed
Al-Borai: Al-Borai Plaza Residences - Fifth Floor - 6th of October
Al-Saraya: Al-Saraya Hotel Building - Fifth Floor - 6th of October
Mokattam: 8891 Al-Furqan Street - behind Abu Zarifa - in front of Reda Pharmacy - Mokattam
Sheraton: 89 Saqr Quraish Residences - Sheraton Residences - Heliopolis
Shabrazenji: Shabrazenji - the land of Shadid Zaid - Menoufia
Meet Khaqan: Flags House - next to Al-Arbaeen Mosque - Mit Khaqan neighborhood - Shebin El-Koum - Shebin El-Koum - Menoufia
Alexandria: Shati Al-Nakhil - Street 61/2 - Building 12 - Floor 2 - Al-Ajami - Alexandria
Mansoura: Senbellaween-Burqin-Mansoura
Tanta: New Seka Street - next to Al-Sayed Al-Badawi - Tanta
Shubra Al-Namla: Shubra Al-Namla Village - Alexandria Agricultural Road - in front of the train station
Wadi Al-Natrun: The new division - near the massacre - Wadi Al-Natrun
Maadi Gardens: 8 Sons of Al-Siddiq Street - above Al-Siddiq Mosque - next to the Adult Caliphs School
Cairo University: 7 Hassan Hamdy St. - Cairo University Residences - Hawd Al-Akhmas - Giza